Saturday, August 2, 2008

A Lovely Surprise Gift!

Earlier in the week, I was surprised with this beautiful quilt by Ryan's Sister's Best Friend. She apparently makes quilts for all the babies born into Ryan's family. All the quilts she has made for his family are amazing. What makes this quilt even more special for Ryan is that it was his late Grandmother who taught her how to quilt.

I was really happy to receive this quilt for Mia. It's really beautiful, too beautiful to use. I love how she used vintage linens and embroideries as well and added them in. The center of the quilt has a beautiful piece of what looks like a fancy vintage table cloth. And best of all, it was done in Pinks and it was shabby chic. It's exactly what I would have picked.

The quilt is going to make a perfect keepsake and I hope someday Mia will pass it down to her children.

This is the Thank You card I made for her for making me the quilt. I've made several baby cards this last week using vintage
Bingo cards. I love using them for hanging cards. I hope she likes the card I made for her.


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