Sunday, August 24, 2008

Max Takes Over the World...

My mom bought a bassinet this week so Mia would have a place to sleep away from home. But apparently, Fat Max decided to take it over until she arrives. All of the cats ove there are curious about what's going on. But Max seems to be the most curious and interested. He loves to sleep on baby clothes (which he's laying on in the picture) and to sleep on baby blankets. I'm assuming he'll be the protector of the baby since he is afterall the king of the house.

I guess he's counting down the days until she arrives as well. I still can't believe that her arrival is only 2 months away from now. We can't wait to have her here for the holidays. I guess this year we will have to get a real tree and stockings since Santa will be making an arrival.

We can't help to wonder what she's going to be like. Ryan and I have been talking about it a lot this past week. We are curious to see which of our personality traits she'll have and which ones she won't have and which ones will be hers alone.


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