Thursday, July 17, 2008

I'm currently doing my 24 hour heart monitor test, so don't piss me off. ;)

Today I had my echocardiogram done and got fitted for my Holter Heart Monitor. The echocardiogram was pretty interesting. It's essentially just an ultrasound of your heart. So far during this pregnancy, I've had an ultrasound of the baby and uterus (obviously), my leg for blood clots, my gallbladder, and now my heart. This one by far was the most interesting not to discredit getting the chance to look at Mia, but sometimes it's just flat out hard for me to tell what I'm looking at. It's definitely a lot different when you are looking at your heart. It's kinda crazy seeing your heart actually at work.

There's Electrodes attached all over my chest and I have a monitor strapped to my chest. I'm supposed to keep a diary of symptoms and press a button on the monitor when I get them. I'm going to work in about an hour, so I'm sure I'll get some interesting results there.


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