Thursday, July 3, 2008

So Lovely...

We bought Mia's crib this week. I wanted something vintage looking and it seemed like the Jenny Lind Spindle crib would be a perfect fit. Not to mention I had the same crib as a baby too, although my crib was a light shade of yellow. So it made it a little more special even though it wasn't the same exact one I had.

We are definitely pleased with it. It was simple enough for Ryan to build that he put it together in probably about 25 minutes. He plans to make his cradle that he is working on for Mia to match the crib now since he likes the style of it so much.

We are slowly starting to get the room together. We've had a lot set backs due to my health problems, and all fires in the area also hasn't helped much either. It seems like the weekends just fly by and we never have the time to get anything done.

I hope to get the room done by the start of September that way the last month of my pregnancy I won't be stressing over getting the room done at the last minute. But knowing us, I'll probably still be working on it the week that she arrives.
Hopefully that won't be the case.


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