Thursday, July 10, 2008

Cardiologist Appointment

Today was my appointment with the Cardiologist today after waiting nearly 3 weeks.

It turns out that my working days may be coming to an end. He mentioned that I shouldn't be working and even mentioned how bed rest may be beneficial with the symptoms I'm displaying. Once again, my blood pressure was high. They couldn't schedule the tests I need today since the Hospital is currently evacuated due the Camp Fire that is approaching Paradise in the Feather River canyon. They are scheduling me for an Echocardiogram along with a 24 hour heart monitor test and then I follow up with the Cardiologist a month from now.

I imagine that I'll probably be off from work within the next few weeks considering my doctor said he'd sign off the papers on Monday but was concerned that I may get denied with disability. But now that the problems are mounting up, I'm sure it probably won't be too much longer.


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